We craft brand & websites for businesses that know they deserve to stand out from the ordinary.

Our unique approach involves designing and curating brand identities and websites that captivate our clients' target audiences, positioning them as irresistible leaders in their respective industries

I've always valued intentional and soulful design, and connecting with like-minded business owners. Giving life to Lumu Design Studio has allowed me to merge these two passions seamlessly. Being a part of a business's journey from our initial connection to delivering their new brand and website, and witnessing their brand flourish, holds great significance for me. I place immense importance on the client's journey, recognising that our collaboration extends far beyond merely creating a design on a screen.





In today's competitive landscape, standing out is essential, and we believe that embracing authenticity is the key to achieving this.





It's a big reason why we all start our own businesses. By handing us this project, we promise that it will provide you with more of that.



At Lumu, we deeply value your vision and experience with us, which is why we opt for a collaborative approach in our work together.

Jordyn  |  The Athena Project

“Working with Lucy, to create our brand image was nothing short of amazing. Lucy has an eye not only for detail but for original creative ideas that are the reason our branding is so intentional, backed with meaning and unlike anything that exists in our sector. The aligned way that Lucy managed our project and us as a brand is truly reflected in the stunning end products that she has created for us. We are so grateful to have had Lucy guide our brand through this journey and highly praise her and her work.”

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Aimee  |  Alma

"Where do I start? This felt far more than just someone creating the graphics and website for my business. Lucy immersed herself into living the brand. She listened to my meditations - to really feel into what my offering was and bring this vision to life. I felt I had a business partner for the duration of us working together and she went above and beyond to bring forth my vision into a reality. I'm eternally grateful to her and she knows I've already said that I will keep working with her for much longer than just this first project!"

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"Lucy has amazing vision and creativity and was able to deliver a timely, engaging, animated website that was sleek and professional and nailed the brief! Her attention to detail from the overall design all the way to the finer details of the website did not go unnoticed. Lucy has a great system in place, allowing for a seamless process from the initial design all the way to a live functioning website. I would highly recommend Lucy for any website needs, especially if you require creative direction."

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Josh  |  The Social Beat

“Working with Lucy was an absolute no-brainer for me. Her process was seamless, she uncomplicated all the technical things, and delivered exactly as she promised. Lucy brought my vision to life and enhanced it to become even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Forever grateful for Lucy and her ability to help brands cut through the noise! An investment that is 100% worth every penny.”

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Janessa  |  Satis Studio 

"Lucy was so amazing to work with and really approachable and easy to communicate with. She was open to adapting and changing things until I was happy with the finished product and gave me a range of options of fonts and colours to choose from. I have been able to not only use it for my website but also business cards and merchandise like hats and booty bands!" 

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Sarah  |  Scoop it up

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